WooCommerce Can Create a Better Online Shopping Experience

Every online business wants an online store—preferably one that’s on their own website. Yes there are sites and services like Amazon that can setup your store for you, but that would mean partnering up with them just so you can enter your products into their database.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that lets you achieve that goal. It’s a simple, neat, and simple toolkit that allows you to sell everything at all—and sell it beautifully, as their tagline states. The best thing about WooCommerce is that all its high quality features and support come at a price of nothing. It’s the ultimate eCommerce tool that’s vendor friendly, customer friendly, and developer friendly.

So what exactly are the benefits of using WooCommerce over other similar services?

  1. Its Security Audited

WooCommerce 2.0+ is so serious about its service that it went through the trouble of being fully security audited by the leading WordPress security firm Sucuri, just so that it can ensure its users that it has met the highest WordPress security standards possible.

  1. Allows complete Store Management, Marketing, and Promotion

WooCommerce has an intuitive user interface that allows you to simply manage your simple, digital and variable products. It’s extremely intuitive, in reality, that you could even assign store managers to handle the day to day management of your online store. What’s more, the plugin has built-in coupon campaign that you can use for marketing and promoting your products.

  1. Tax & Shipping Options

Want taxes already incorporated into your prices? This plugin uses different methods that help in creating and configuring shipping classes as well as tax classes and local tax rates.

  1. An Intriguing Customer Experience

WooCommerce features a One Page Checkout that does away with all the other distractions that help your customer go through checkout rapidly and resourcefully. It also has a built-in shipping calculator that allows customers to calculate their shipping costs before checkout. In adding up, the plugin let customers rate your products and possibly even share them via social media.

  1. Comprehensive Reports

Every business owner finds it crucial that they have statistics on which of their products are selling, and which aren’t. WooCommerce gives you a birds-eye view of your store’s performance, providing monthly reports per product category, or even per individual product.

  1. It’s Open Source!

This is the hook, line, and sinker for developers. WooCommerce being open source allows for developers to be able to make their own extensions and themes for the plugin, allowing for a wider range of features and additions to a basic model. This alone gives WooCommerce the upper hand as it gives opportunities for others to make their WordPress plugin and service even better for all users.

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