Windows 10, free upgrade

Windows 10 will be offered a free upgrade for all owners of a computer Windows 8.1, a computer Windows 7 and a Smartphone Windows Phone 8.1. The news, officer, comes directly from the event that Microsoft is taking on all the news related to Windows 10. The House of Redmond has therefore made official that the upgrade to the new operating system will be free for all the latest devices that adopt the software platform Microsoft.

To be highlighted, however, that the upgrade will be free only for the first year. This is because Windows becomes a kind of service, and then changes the logic of the upgrade than before. A sea change that will bring benefits to both consumers and developers. Therefore, once the new operating system will be officially released, users can perform an upgrade through the usual Windows Update channel. The 12 months free upgrade will start from the first day of the release of Windows 10 and the Redmond is cautious saying that will ensure a “lifetime” support for all Windows 10 devices.

A new operating system that must be able to offer a ‘ computing experience more personal , in which the center is the user and not the technology so that users can enjoy their files, their own settings and its own app at all times of the day, in any context, in any place. Simply put, Windows 10 will be “More Personal Computing “.


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