What Makes Zend Framework So Popular?

Zend FrameworkA software framework serves as a support for building applications of a wide variety with comparative ease. The Zend framework is a PHP framework, making it easy for developers to achieve their goals using the PHP language. The PHP language is one of the most widely used back-end language, with 82% of websites using it.

The language can be used for a wide variety of purposes other than back-end development of a website. The language can be used to create Facebook applications, WordPress plugins, desktop applications, e-commerce websites and applications, project management tools, content management systems create graphs and charts on a website and create code that sends customized mails to customized mailing lists.

The wide variety of uses of PHP calls for a framework such as Zend, which can make the development process relatively easier and quicker. Here are a few features of Zend, which have been successful in creating a huge demand for Zend Framework Development-

Security- The cryptographic tools offered by the framework ensure top-notch security for the users of the website or application. The public key cryptography algorithms encrypt and decrypt user data efficiently. Despite its security feature, if any security issues are reported, then the Zend Framework according to its policy patches the current release of the framework and release security fixes. Zend framework is the most secure PHP language framework.

Modules – Modules allow adding functionality to the website, without interfering with the code written for other functionalities. Basic modules such as a module giving the functionality of albums can be found, saving you time and code. If you have an idea for adding functionality, an already built module serving the same functionality can be found and also customized as per your needs.

Reusable code- The total use of object-oriented programming in the Zend framework makes everything is an object. This creates an ability to make plenty of already-written code, re-usable.

Useful Components –Model View Controller (MVC), session management, RAD tools, search components, databases authentication, web services APIs accessing components are offered by the framework which can be utilized separately as well as combination with others.

Extensibility- A PHP application or website can be extended, using the framework. That is, more functionality can be added easily.

Thus, the Zend framework is an ideal framework which can be easily employed to build useful applications and dynamic websites.


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