Ways to Move Application Development to the Cloud

application-development-to-the-cloudAs cloud becomes more and popular and people have started realizing its benefits, there is a need to bring application development to the cloud. Yes, it is true that software applications are created in the cloud but due to some problems this concept remains unsuccessful. So, many of the developers have started coding and testing on their devices and then deploying the final result to the cloud.

With cloud computing you do not have to worry about infrastructure, the storage and the horsepower as cloud provides you with everything at very cheap prices. What once took months to prepare, can now be started in weeks or maybe even less. You only have to build and deploy the applications to the cloud. Here are some ways to move application development to the cloud:

Cloud Application Development Services

Remove core infrastructure obstacles: There is a huge demand on IT to set up and maintain hardware infrastructure for development. The work consumes a lot of time and money and there are various essential delays which slow down the development adding time to the project. In order to overcome such issues many of the organizations are considering cloud services to fulfill the basic infrastructure needs of their development and test efforts. Also, cloud also offers flexibility by providing pay-as-you-go approach that is provides organization with the ability to scale up to meet new demands and scale down to cut back to thing which are not required after the project is completed.

Go beyond basic infrastructure with PaaS: Even after using various benefits offered by public IaaS clouds, application development still requires application platform which can lead to various complications. For example, organization will still require IT staff to configure, install and maintain database. This is where you will require Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) as it is capable of providing platform for developing as well as deploying applications without any complication of managing the database software and infrastructure hardware. This provides an organization with the possibility of developing new applications faster saving a lot of money. Apart from this PaaS also comes with the advantage of providing physically dispersed teams to collaborate more easily on development projects.

Oracle Cloud Platform Services: Oracle cloud is responsible for offering a variety of platforms which are open standard-based, enterprise grand and are designed keeping easy usage in mind. All these services can be availed on subscription basis. Oracle Database Cloud Service consists of tools which include develop and run SQL, load data, browse data and data structures. Also, applications which are already using Oracle Database Cloud Service can be moved to Oracle Databases which are running in other clouds or on-premises. When the application is fully developed and tested, this movability enables flexibility and instant deployment.

App development in the cloud may come with various challenges which you need to be aware of so that you can plan effectively. It will take a little time to get used to it especially when you are new to this process.


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