5 Mantras for a Successful Android App Development Company

Android App DevelopmentGoogle Play Store is recognized for uppermost app downloads and is familiar for many application development companies to work on projects of this platform only. For the reason that of huge reputation of Android in the market, most of the startups and established companies are focusing on developing Android based products only. We have enlisted 5 Mantras for a Successful Android app development company.

Understand Market

It is evident that the highest number of mobile app downloads goes to Android, but iOS app developers are achieving better profits monetarily. This can be seen as both benefit and disadvantage. And, whether it is valuable developing your app on Android simply depends on the techniques you plan to employ for revenue generation. Free applications make money from in-app purchases, paid upgrades and advertisements. Moreover, Android offers your application a great experience to a worldwide user base. So, understanding your market is necessary to leverage the potential of Android.

Uniformity in Experience

One of the best things about Android is that it is an open source platform. The difference in screen size is not confined to just Smartphone’s and tablets form. It is flexible to encompass different mobile devices built with this Operating System. So, it is very crucial that your app can offer a uniform experience across varying screen sizes of the devices.

Language Support

Android has worldwide preferences due to its open source platform and easy access. Hence, as an Android app development company, you should always be geared to make your app available in the regional languages of the countries where Android OS has a great presence in order to tap onto a worldwide market.

Android Application Developers

No Copy No Paste

One of the most common errors made Android app Development Company is replicating iOS designs and usability standards to save cost and time on Android version app development. Some of the common iOS app features that are imitated for Android app includes use of static tabs at the bottom, right caret in lists, on-screen button and rounded rectangles for app icons.

Offline – Online Functioning

Apps that provide a stable performance on both offline and online mode mostly have an edge. It allows the user to use the app even when they don’t have internet access. If not all functions, give some key functions in the offline mode so that users can be kept engaged with the app.

An easy to use design and intuitive features are the backbone of every good application and with Android; it becomes even more crucial to concentrate towards these.


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