Why Business Owner’s Choose Cloud Base Application?

Cloud Base ApplicationCloud stores every one of your data, documents, and information on the servers on the internet. Cloud service providers allow running applications on a web browser through an internet connection, rather than running them on your computer’s hard drive. Cloud-based apps or simply Cloud apps are thus those applications, for which the users have to pay for using the software without installing them on their computer or maintaining servers.

Cloud technology has been a large buzz in the small or big business world, with a big number of companies preferring to utilize cloud services. Cloud-based applications can take your business to the next level without the required of upfront capital investment. Let us have a look at some of the main reasons for businesses to choose Cloud apps:

Reduced cost of ownership

Cloud apps decrease the cost of ownership for businesses, as Cloud services are on the pay-as-you-go basis. Businesses can use them without setting up the entire IT infrastructure, hence reducing the capital expenditure associated with buying hardware, software, and servers.

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Businesses can plan and manage their expenses in a better way by paying a fixed amount of subscription fees regularly, which includes hosting costs, maintenance, technical support, upgrades and more.

Reduced maintenance

Cloud apps lower down the necessity of maintenance for upgrading to most recent versions. Until and unless the updates do not bring some functionality change or enhancements, they will not affect the users. Automatic updates in Cloud free businesses from worrying about system maintenance and spending time and money on upgrading manually, whenever there are new updates.

Improved access

Businesses choose Cloud over an on-premise system due to increased accessibility. There is an increase in productivity as businesses get access to real-time data, helping them take better and quick decisions. Cloud-based apps provide flexibility as employees can access them from anywhere and from any device by connecting to internet.

Increased scalability

Cloud makes it easy for businesses to add or remove users. In the case of a business requiring additional storage space, Cloud service providers can add servers or shift the server load to other servers. This provides scalability to businesses and meets their growing needs.

Improved collaboration

Cloud makes real-time collaboration possible, as different employees can work on the same document from multiple locations. Team members can work on the same project simultaneously by signing in and get access to all recent updates. Cloud apps thus improve efficiency and allow employees to interact with each other from any part of the world.

Better data protection

There is always a risk of losing valuable business information from the computer. Businesses can lose their data during any disaster or natural calamity leading to huge losses. Cloud-based backup system helps businesses to recover their data within no time. This ensures data protection and hassle-free business operations.

Businesses can significantly reduce their initial cost of infrastructure set up through cloud applications and save on paying their IT infrastructure technical personnel. Cloud apps are beneficial to businesses in getting a competitive edge and enhancing their ROI. They help in improving cash flow and business efficiency, with an ability to meet the growing demands of a business.


5 Mantras for a Successful Android App Development Company

Android App DevelopmentGoogle Play Store is recognized for uppermost app downloads and is familiar for many application development companies to work on projects of this platform only. For the reason that of huge reputation of Android in the market, most of the startups and established companies are focusing on developing Android based products only. We have enlisted 5 Mantras for a Successful Android app development company.

Understand Market

It is evident that the highest number of mobile app downloads goes to Android, but iOS app developers are achieving better profits monetarily. This can be seen as both benefit and disadvantage. And, whether it is valuable developing your app on Android simply depends on the techniques you plan to employ for revenue generation. Free applications make money from in-app purchases, paid upgrades and advertisements. Moreover, Android offers your application a great experience to a worldwide user base. So, understanding your market is necessary to leverage the potential of Android.

Uniformity in Experience

One of the best things about Android is that it is an open source platform. The difference in screen size is not confined to just Smartphone’s and tablets form. It is flexible to encompass different mobile devices built with this Operating System. So, it is very crucial that your app can offer a uniform experience across varying screen sizes of the devices.

Language Support

Android has worldwide preferences due to its open source platform and easy access. Hence, as an Android app development company, you should always be geared to make your app available in the regional languages of the countries where Android OS has a great presence in order to tap onto a worldwide market.

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No Copy No Paste

One of the most common errors made Android app Development Company is replicating iOS designs and usability standards to save cost and time on Android version app development. Some of the common iOS app features that are imitated for Android app includes use of static tabs at the bottom, right caret in lists, on-screen button and rounded rectangles for app icons.

Offline – Online Functioning

Apps that provide a stable performance on both offline and online mode mostly have an edge. It allows the user to use the app even when they don’t have internet access. If not all functions, give some key functions in the offline mode so that users can be kept engaged with the app.

An easy to use design and intuitive features are the backbone of every good application and with Android; it becomes even more crucial to concentrate towards these.





The market interface is much less intimidating for more technophobic users. This includes more accessible customization, a simplified administrator interface, a guided product upload, customizable views, and faster 4x import / export capabilities. With these updates, you can adjust your backend to retrieve the information essential to your business strategy. In addition to facilitating the learning of new members of your team, these tools will help you to optimize the customer experience in general. In addition, Magento 2.0 fits on tablet and is generally much easier to use on a multitude of screens. In the long term, merchants who do not switch to Magento 2.0 will realize that some new plugins will no longer be compatible with older versions. This means that these users will no longer be able to benefit from the increased flexibility of Magento plugins!


Web Traffic Internet Icon Flat Isolated

Another benefit of the update is the speed. The platform demonstrates a 50% faster loading time for many catalogs and payment pages, thanks to Apache’s Varnish for storing page content for optimized performance. Your customers will be satisfied and your conversion rates and rebounds improved. In addition, the payment steps have been reduced by 40%.


The concept of internet protection

Like you, Magento is aware that security is a key issue in e-commerce. To mitigate the risks, version 2.0 comes with preconceived integrations for PayPal, Braintree and Authorize.net. WorldPay and Cybersource users can also be integrated.


Clients hands purchasing work

New features have been added to allow consumers to earn loyalty points, create gift registers and wish lists. You will also be able to launch private sales for some of your privileged consumers! Magento has also developed advanced segmentation tools that can be used to:

  • Target your promotions and merchandising;
  • Regulate related products;
  • Create product sequences on your pages to optimize sales.

In addition, you will have the option of sending automated e-mails from abandoned baskets to your customers while offering alternatives to invoices, cards and gift wrapping.

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How to Select the Best PHP Web Development Company?

php-web-development-companyA lot of growth has been seen by the PHP Web Development in the past few years. It has been due to many reasons. The first and foremost reasons behind it is he rising pool of talented php web developers, who are skilled and at the same time they also invest their time and effort to give customers the desirable results.

We can safely say that PHP Custom Website Development are amongst the most accepted programming languages extensively used by programmers worldwide to reap better results. PHP based website design has numerous benefits when compared with the regular website design. The reason for this is that t includes greater functionality and comes with easy user-friendly interface for its clients.

This is why selecting the best PHP developing company has become really a challenging task. The company which you select should be reliable and it must also implement all the latest strategies in your website to make it worthy enough. Here are some factors to help you out:

It should be reliable: The PHP developing company which you select should be reliable firm that takes pride in having maximum amount of experience in the field. Take your time to browse through the internet as this will help you in finding a few reliable companies that has got good market repute. You should also find out if the team of developers have got enough knowledge and skill sets, required for the job.

They should be aware of the latest trends: The PHP developing company which you select should be well versed with the latest market trends. Whenever they design a site for you, you should ensure that their works are out-of-the box and goes well with the present times.

It should devote the maximum time: Your PHP developing company should devote enough of time and attention on the project. An excellent s PHP development firm must deliver utmost attention to your project right from the start to final finish. This should be with the same amount of dedication that they promise while signing the contracts. It should also make serious effort in delivering the products within stipulated time frame.

Budget speaks: While you go about in choosing the best php web development company, it is necessary to give utmost priority to the financial aspects. If you have a predetermined budget then you needn’t shell out big bucks for services in the instance that you are not at all satisfied with. This is why it becomes necessary for you to ensure that the php web development company is not asking you a hefty sum at any point of time.

With the above mentioned tips, you can feel yourself confident and contended in handing over the task of PHP development to a leading firm of your choice.


wordpress-web-developersWordPress is one of the open-source content management (CMS) tools we use to design our clients’ websites. We are WordPress specialists and WordPress developers. This distinction is important because it is through it that we can offer our clients high-level WordPress-based services and fully customized to their needs.


Our in-depth knowledge of WordPress development allows us to offer tailored services that will help you achieve your goals. Our WordPress development services include:

  • WordPress offers an impressive amount of applications fully adaptable to your project
  • Its interface is intuitive and easy to use
  • WordPress is compatible with multilingualism
  • WorPress makes it possible to intervene effectively on your referencing
  • WordPress offers powerful SEO plug-ins
  • WordPress is a flexible and scalable platform that allows enormous room for maneuver in terms of development

CMS Web Developers

We develop modern, responsive and simple to use wordpress websites which improve your web conversion rate. Selecting WordPress as CMS for your website gives you feature such as low cost maintenance and easy to use compared to other CMS. Prakash Software has been one of the WordPress web design agency which has reduced cost without compromising with user experience.


Prakash Software is specialized in the design of custom websites. We offer integrated web solutions that offer you many benefits. Our approach is based on performance, freedom and autonomy. We are distinguished by an uncommon mastery of the most widely used open source software in the world. We are specialists in web development and design WordPress and Magento! And we can develop for you high-level web software to add to your corporate website.

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Our specialists and strategists from the interactive world are at your side from the beginning to the end of your project to develop and implement a tailored Web strategy that gives concrete results. We have completed lots of web projects under our belt and offer fast and reliable technical support services as well as hosting services that can keep up with your growth.

Our extensive responsive (adaptive) website expertise will allow you to offer your visitors the best experience, regardless of the device used to view your site.

Magento Development Your One Stop Solution in Creating an E-commerce Website


E-commerce is one of the newest businesses in the present scenario and developing such websites has started a new rat race in the market. It is here that Magento development is the best weapon of choice for business owners.

Magento development is the best in case of website development platforms as far as e-commerce websites are concerned. This is mainly because of how unique and feature rich it is. This helps website owners by making their websites search engine friendly and easy to use which also enables increased website traffic. Whether being an online trader or a business owner your primary target should always be to earn higher profits which is made possible with Magento.

There are three levels in which this software used for e-commerce website development is divided into, which are as follows:

Magento Community- Companies who are in no hurry to expand can make use of this as it’s already free and easy to manage since there is already an internal website handling team.

Magento Go- A cloud-based solution that deals with troubleshooting in order to support small businesses that do not require software installation.

Magento Enterprise- Essential for companies who are looking to customize their strategy in marketing and sales. This edition derived from the community version handles technical support with installation configuration and troubleshooting for large businesses.

When using Magento, skills regarding WordPress development, CSS or html5 is useful as themes and templates can be customized according to business needs. It also offers multi-side functionality which, in other words, means that it allows one to create a number of additional sites in a single domain. It is a global platform as it supports over sixty languages, currencies and tax patterns. Magento also allows keeping a database listing products, inventory and pricing. This makes monitoring sales extremely easy.

Hiring dedicated developers for e-commerce websites is one of the most daunting tasks for any employer because even though availability is easy, you need to make sure that the Magento development company you will be hiring will be up to the task. Some of the things you need to keep a lookout when employing are like the experience of the company, a sample of their work and timeliness. Nowadays there are several offshore web development companies who provide quality work at cost effective scenarios. So make sure to do online research before hiring after all the quality of your website will be as good as the team you employ to create it.

Ways to Move Application Development to the Cloud

application-development-to-the-cloudAs cloud becomes more and popular and people have started realizing its benefits, there is a need to bring application development to the cloud. Yes, it is true that software applications are created in the cloud but due to some problems this concept remains unsuccessful. So, many of the developers have started coding and testing on their devices and then deploying the final result to the cloud.

With cloud computing you do not have to worry about infrastructure, the storage and the horsepower as cloud provides you with everything at very cheap prices. What once took months to prepare, can now be started in weeks or maybe even less. You only have to build and deploy the applications to the cloud. Here are some ways to move application development to the cloud:

Cloud Application Development Services

Remove core infrastructure obstacles: There is a huge demand on IT to set up and maintain hardware infrastructure for development. The work consumes a lot of time and money and there are various essential delays which slow down the development adding time to the project. In order to overcome such issues many of the organizations are considering cloud services to fulfill the basic infrastructure needs of their development and test efforts. Also, cloud also offers flexibility by providing pay-as-you-go approach that is provides organization with the ability to scale up to meet new demands and scale down to cut back to thing which are not required after the project is completed.

Go beyond basic infrastructure with PaaS: Even after using various benefits offered by public IaaS clouds, application development still requires application platform which can lead to various complications. For example, organization will still require IT staff to configure, install and maintain database. This is where you will require Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) as it is capable of providing platform for developing as well as deploying applications without any complication of managing the database software and infrastructure hardware. This provides an organization with the possibility of developing new applications faster saving a lot of money. Apart from this PaaS also comes with the advantage of providing physically dispersed teams to collaborate more easily on development projects.

Oracle Cloud Platform Services: Oracle cloud is responsible for offering a variety of platforms which are open standard-based, enterprise grand and are designed keeping easy usage in mind. All these services can be availed on subscription basis. Oracle Database Cloud Service consists of tools which include develop and run SQL, load data, browse data and data structures. Also, applications which are already using Oracle Database Cloud Service can be moved to Oracle Databases which are running in other clouds or on-premises. When the application is fully developed and tested, this movability enables flexibility and instant deployment.

App development in the cloud may come with various challenges which you need to be aware of so that you can plan effectively. It will take a little time to get used to it especially when you are new to this process.

What Makes A Mobile App A Must-Have For Your Brand?


Mobile apps are a must-have for a brand. Let’s break it down to simple logic and reasoning that will tell you why:

  1. It is Trending

The mobile apps industry has witnessed a remarkable growth in the past few years. As a brand, you’ll require to develop with the times or risk losing out on a potential market share.

  1. Increased Customer Preference for Mobile Apps

An average mobile user in the US spends 86% of his time on mobile apps. If your brand doesn’t have an app, your customer is likely to spend his/her time going through your competition’s mobile app.

  1. Sheer Dominance of Smartphones

Smartphone use for web-surfing will only grow in the coming years and is set to surpass desktop use. In such a scenario, a mobile app far exceeds the functionality of a website’s mobile version.

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  1. Stay Connected at all Times

Can your mobile site make sure constant connectivity with your customers? No, but a mobile app can! Wherever a customer goes, their mobile device goes with them. Getting your clients to install your mobile app ensures constant connectivity.

  1. Gives You a Competitive Edge

Those who realized the internet’s potential early, have gone on to build an unbeatable web presence today. Likewise, a mobile app for your brand can help you gain that competitive edge and take a huge stride ahead of your competitors.

  1. Limitless Smartphone Capabilities

From GPS to fingerprint scanners, a Smartphone’s capability extends beyond the essentials. While website functionality is hindered by the limitations of web/mobile browsers, mobile apps make it possible to exploit a phone’s high-end hardware.

  1. Geolocation

GPS-enabled devices have made location-based services a reality. Unlike websites, mobile apps can tap into this functionality and provide conveniently timed push notifications or discounts when a customer is near your brand’s location.

  1. Personalize Your Brand Experience

Smartly-built mobile apps can analyze customer behavior and send out personalized deals, coupons, offers, or provide information that is tailored to suit customer preferences.

Our Mobile Application Development service is there to help you out on this with development on two of the most used platforms, namely as Android and iOS.

All You Wanted to Know About Mobile Test Automation

mobile-test-automationAt a time when the question of mobile app development is chief on our minds, we require to ask ourselves how much the testing procedure impacts the overall quality of the product. There is no doubt that testing is critical to app quality, but how much of a benefit is Automating the test framework? That is the question that this article aims to answer. Test automation has turn into an integral part of mobile app development process today. This is for the reason that mobile app development is agile and the development associated with it should be in tune with that as well. But is the testing process agile? It can’t be so. That is why a lot many tools for testing automation are available, and they fit agile mobile development quite well.

The Test Automation benefit

The vital benefit with test automation is that you get to do the testing in parallel. You can run the tests in the night and do the next phase of regression in the morning. This way, the development procedure gets over sooner and you have the product ready for use faster. When it comes to mobile apps, test automation allows you to get over with the entire testing process instantly and rapidly. Any Testing process is evaluated on three parameters viz. effectiveness, efficiency and coverage. And on all three, automation gives you the critical edge wherein you can complete tests over and over again that you cannot even perform manually.

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Factors That Influence Mobile App Automation Testing

Integrated App Development

Integrated mobile app development and testing would mean that you would have to repeat the development and testing cycles to ensure application quality. And you require testing your software for every release and you want to test it on all variants and versions of operating systems, browsers and hardware.


Taking this approach would greatly reduce the errors in your application as you want not write anything in code here. In the record-playback approach, you can record your tests and play them over as many times as you want on different device configurations. But limited functionality is something you’ll have to cope with.

Test Re-usability: The Open Standards Question

When you have automated your entire test process, you are essentially eliminating the opportunity of vendor lock-in. With automation, you can augment the length of your tests and their coverage spanning memory, data tables and file contents to execute complex test cases in every run. In turn, you get more time to market your mobile apps.

What should be Your Priority When Testing Mobile Apps?

UI Layouts As mobile apps are targeted at different devices and screen resolutions, this is an area that needs the highest priority.

 Security Can you gain unauthorized access to the app? Testing for access and information is crucial

User experience does the app stand up to the expectations of the users in its category? As we debate the efficacy and benefit of automation testing, we also need to remember that your app in the end is as good as its development. So develop the app with the best developers and test it in a trusted automation framework!